A miraculous journey from addiction to redemption

Living the life of a professional nightclub DJ was taking its toll; drugs, booze, and partying seemed like the only way to find happiness until a near-fatal overdose left Scott Mocha broken and lost. In desperation and out of options, he made a decision to “try” Christianity for 30 days. What happened next led him down a path he never could have imagined…

In this gripping memoir,

he shares his vulnerable true story of hitting rock bottom and miraculously finding hope, healing, and purpose after a life-changing surrender to a faith-filled life. From reluctantly walking into a church to finding himself on the streets of Paris as a missionary and navigating the megachurches in Los Angeles, Mocha recounts with raw honesty and candid humor his struggles to accept the grace offered through Jesus and the power of surrender.

"a book for everyone, emphasizing that miracles exist, and no one is beyond redemption”

– Susan John Peter

"As would be the case many more times in my walk with God, I needed to be broken again to fix the parts of my heart that were not healing in the ways they needed."

– Excerpt from A Row with Two Chairs

"The opportunity was in front of me like God was again inviting me into a larger story..."

– Excerpt from A Row with Two Chairs

Page-turning, poignant, and ultimately triumphant,

A Row with Two Chairs is an unforgettable story of a broken man’s radical transformation through God’s relentless love and grace. Mocha takes readers through awkward moments and self-effacing anecdotes of the powerful spiritual experiences and encounters with God that inspired him to keep pushing forward, even in his darkest moments, to a life that could be worthy of the second chance he was given. Boldly tackling addiction, dating, and the messy realities of faith as a new believer in a way few Christian books dare, this book offers a refreshingly authentic perspective on what is offered to us through faith and redemption.

No matter how far we have fallen, it’s never too late for God to step in, heal our past wounds, and rewrite our life stories into ones of faith, hope, and love that are showered with grace. Through Mocha’s authentic, no-holds-barred voice, you’ll discover that no matter how lost you feel, God is ready to meet you where you are and lead you to an extraordinary life.

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Scott Mocha, Founder and Executive Producer of Stick and Glue Corp., is a game-changing innovator recognized by LA Weekly for his unique ability to combine technology and emotion. An ordained minister with an MBA and a passion for helping others, Scott’s faith-driven approach shines through his entrepreneurial ventures, artistic pursuits, and family life. Connect with this dynamic storyteller on his website and social media to be inspired by his journey of creativity, compassion, and success.