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A Row with Two Chairs

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The ReBreaking

A Workbook for a Journey in Spiritual Growth

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Experience my messy and miraculous journey from addiction to redemption in my new memoir, A Row With Two Chairs.

In my new memoir, I share my vulnerable true story of hitting rock bottom and miraculously finding hope, healing, and purpose after a life-changing surrender to a faith-filled life.

From reluctantly walking into a church to finding himself on the streets of Paris as a missionary and navigating the megachurches in Los Angeles, I recount my story with raw honesty and candid humor as I struggled to accept the grace offered through Jesus and the power of surrender.



Scott Mocha, Founder and Executive Producer of Stick and Glue Corp., is a game-changing innovator recognized by LA Weekly for his unique ability to combine technology and emotion. An ordained minister with an MBA and a passion for helping others, Scott’s faith-driven approach shines through his entrepreneurial ventures, artistic pursuits, and family life. Connect with this dynamic storyteller on his website and social media to be inspired by his journey of creativity, compassion, and success.

"a book for everyone, emphasizing that miracles exist, and no one is beyond redemption”

– Susan John Peter

"As would be the case many more times in my walk with God, I needed to be broken again to fix the parts of my heart that were not healing in the ways they needed."

– Excerpt from A Row with Two Chairs

"The opportunity was in front of me like God was again inviting me into a larger story..."

– Excerpt from A Row with Two Chairs

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Cigarettes and Chicken

Three weeks after I decided to try Christianity, twenty-one days into my thirty-day experiment with God, the power company turned off my electricity for non-payment. Disconnecting my power made sense, as I had not been paying the bill. There were many moments like this where my old life came back to haunt my new life; I had walked away from everything.

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30 Days

Having worked in the nightclub industry every weekend for ten years, Saturday brought the most fear. I had no idea what people did with themselves on a Saturday night if they were not in a nightclub. It would be my first Saturday not to be in that space, that environment of excess and charade, in all that time, and I was terrified.

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The ReBreaking

A Workbook for a Journey in Spiritual Growth.

In this workbook, we’ll delve into the concept of rebreaking—not as a setback but as a powerful tool that God uses to move us forward on our journey of discovery. Whether seeking a deeper understanding of spirituality or guidance in navigating life’s challenges, this journal is designed to accompany you with compassion and insight.